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Chris Buckley, Torana Tribal textiles and tribal art

I am Chris Buckley, researcher in textiles and the material culture of Asia. My day-job concerns making life more livable in Beijing's polluted air, which is where I live ( My research interests and publications in textiles and traditional crafts are summarized on this page.

I am originally from England. I came to China in 1995, after a period in Japan, where I acquired a taste for things handmade and an appreciation for texture. During my time in Asia I have pursued interests in Tibetan textiles and crafts (which included setting up and running a carpet workshop in Lhasa and designing and selling rugs between 2000 and 2012), Chinese ceramics and more. Lately my interests have been focused on Southeast Asian textiles, and on researching warp ikat, a very ancient and widespread technique.

During my time here I have had the opportunity to travel to many places and I invariably buy textiles when I can, partly for study and partly for enjoyment. This means I have many more textiles than I really need, hence this website.

I would like to acknowledge the help I have received from Pamela Cross's textile forum (, including Pamela herself and the forum members. The diversity of textiles in Asia is astounding, and no-one person can identify every piece, but there is usually someone in the forum who has seen a given item before. I heartily recommend this resource to all textile collectors and curators.

Chris Buckley is the author of the book Tibetan Furniture, published by Thames and Hudson, 2005, and of Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans, published by Torana, 2011.