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Dai blankets with supplementary weft designs, from Yunnan province

These blankets come from Yunnan province, from the Dehong area in a pocket adjacent to the Burmese border. Some are made with a distinctive continuous supplementary weft technique in which three strands of weft are added with relatively loose tensioning, one strand being pulled to the front (top) face to form the design.

See also section on Dai/ Tai costumes and textiles

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Old Dai/ Tai blanket, supplementary weft weave (with a unique structure) from the Dehong region of Yunnan province, near the Burmese border. An old blanket with designs of birds (ducks) and bees. Natural dyes and an old indigo cotton border. 98 x 135cm including border. First half of the 20th century or earlier.

old Dai/ Tai blanket from Yunnan province


An old Dai/ Tai supplementary weft blanket from the Dehong area. The weave structure of blankets of this type is slightly different to those with the birds/bees designs, somewhat tighter. Dyed with shades of indigo blue. Old indigo border.

The interesting design on these blankets is similar to some Indonesian ikat textiles. The control of positive vs negative space in these designs is near-perfect so the design can be read as blue spirals on white or vice versa. 123 x 134cm including border. First half of the 20th century or earlier.

old Dai/ Tai supplementary weft blanket from Dehong area of China/ Burma border