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Links related to minority and tribal textiles Pamela Cross's online textile forum is the foremost resource for collectors and curators of minority textiles from China and Southeast Asia. Worth looking and joining. The Oxford Asian Textile Group publishes a good journal 3 times a year and arranges visits and talks related to textiles. Originally started by Oxford-based people centered on the museum collections there, it now has worldwide members. The Metersbonwe Museum in Shanghai is one of the largest collections of Chinese minority and Han Chinese costume. The museum is in two parts: highlights are housed in the top floor of the Metersbonwe flagship store downtown, while the larger collection is housed in the Pudong area some way out of town. A collection of Chinese ethnic minority textiles at the Minneapolis Museum of Arts, especially Miao baby carriers and costume. Hali magazine has a strong focus on carpets but also frequently covers other kinds of tribal textiles, tribal and Islamic art. Also a useful source of information on textiles fairs, shows and events. A non-commercial site where rug and textile enthusiasts can discuss their collections Steven Frost's textile and tribal arts website

General Asian Art Related Links

Two glossy and lavishly produced Hong-Kong based magazines are key resources for Asian Art collectors: Orientations Magazine has articles on Asian art in general, with particular strength in Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese art. Their collected articles on textiles published in book form as "Chinese and Central Asian Textiles" is worth tracking down. Arts of Asia Magazine: published six times a year each beautiful issue discusses a varied range of Asian art topics with a focus on the collector and with a well-vetted selection of advertisers.

General Art Resources Free resource for finding fine art auction records and prices Since 1996, ArtQuest has been connecting buyers and sellers of work located all over the world. Thousands of works for sale, website hosting and many free services.

Other sites by Chris Buckley My other business, in fact my main business, designing and making handmade Tibetan rugs and selling them in my stores in Beijing and Shanghai

rugdogblog Is my blog ... not specifically about textiles, or even rugs, but a mix of cultural, China and Asia-related topics