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Ordering and Shipping

To inquire about items on this site please email me at mentioning the item number and title.


Questions are welcome, I will try to provide answers where possible.

Photos on this site

The photos were all taken with studio flash under consistent lighting conditions. They are balanced for neutral daylight. They show colors quite well, but sometimes this setup does not show glossy or shiny textures as clearly as I would like (these depend on the angle of the lighting).

Click on the smaller photos in this site to get high-resolution images.


All the pieces shown are old items (except where flagged in the descriptions) and they were not made for the tourist trade , so they generally have some wear. The photos usually show the condition clearly.

Visiting Beijing?

This website is primarily for online shopping for tribal textiles, but if you are visiting Beijing and would like to look at some items please get in touch and I would be happy to meet you.


Sorry, I am not able to provide appraisals of items.